Twenty Questions

1) How does this character fit into the themes of the game?

2) In one sentence explain what type of story is this character's story is?

3) How old are you?

4) What was unique about your childhood?

5) What kind of person were you in mortal life?

6) What was your first brush with the supernatural?

7) How did the embrace change you?

8) Who was your sire and how did they he/she treat you?

9) How were you presented to kindred society?

10) How did you come to join your covenant?

11) What type of haven's do you prefer?

12) Do you retain any connections to mortal life?

13) What type of feeding grounds do you prefer and how do you hunt?

14) What motivates you?

15) Have you ever loved and if so explain, if not why?

16) Have you ever hated and if so explain, if not why?

17) Specifically what are your characters short term, midterm and long term goals?

18) How does your character feel about your character's covenant, clan, lineage?

19) What does your character fear the most? (nothing is not an answer)

20) How does your character feel about being kindred?