It has been many nights since Mass was last held in this church. The city has been devastated, the population scattered or destroyed. These are trying times, and all could benefit from some guidance. True guidance. Words and actions, not impartial observation. I see many new faces here tonight, so we will start at the beginning.

The first line of the Testament of Longinus. In English, 'I am God's holy monster. I drink from humanity.' Your embrace was an act against God, but it was no accident. Every one of you has a purpose. You have been removed from life, your chance at salvation stolen from you along with your humanity. Your Sires damned themselves further when they created you. It was no accident though. Know that you are damned. Rejoice though, for God still has a purpose for you. Salvation may be taken from you, but a new path is here for you to walk.

Look around. See the world. Watch the mortals. They are wicked. They are sinful. They have turned their back on God. They are the errant flock, wandering away from their shepherd. And you...the Kindred...God's holy are the wolves in the dark. It is your purpose to prey on the flock, to pick out the weak, the corrupt, the fools that guide the flock astray, and to consume them. Take their life into you, for that is God's will. Let them be an example to the flock, let them flee the wolves and seek out the shepherd, for that is the only way they can be saved. Those that have led them astray are beyond saving, but even they will serve God's purpose. Let the flock see the evil and wicked among themselves fall. They are sheep, and they will respond as sheep and flee back the way they came. Through this act you will guide the flock back to their salvation.

I have heard some speak about saving mortals, helping them. These thoughts are shortsighted. Give a man a house and food and he will live in comfort, but that will not save him. There is only one path to saving them. Do not feel guilt for taking their life. The purpose of the wicked is to sustain you. They are meant to die to save those that can be saved. It is God's will that you take their life. The life was given to them by God, and for those that lead the flock astray it is no loss when their life is gone. It is a gain, to strengthen the wolves and to guide the flock.

Come, take Communion. Drink the blood of the sinner, and know that it is God's will. Rejoice in your Divine purpose.