Name: Aayden McKay

Player: Sean McNamara

Date of Birth: 4/27/1662

Date When Ghouled: 8/12/1691

Date of Embrace: 2/21/1796

Country of Origin: Ireland

Clan: Mekhet

Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Bloodline: Norvegi

Notable Features: OCD, covered in what appears to be knife scars of varying size, does not have fangs.

City Status: Acknowledged

Clan Status:

Covenant Status:

Cornelia Alba: Adoptive Sire and Regnant when Aayden was a Ghoul
-Jayden Ray: Cornelia Alba’s Childer
-Alaina Dale: Cornelia Alba’s Childer
-Ryan Dorn: Cornelia Alba’s Adopted Childer
Yorik Asmundarson: Sire (Deceased)
-No childer other than Aayden
Michael Collins: Aayden’s Adopted Childer (Embraced in 2009, his actual sire is deceased)