Name: Alexander Cristos
Player: Sean McNamara
Date of Birth: 1264
Date of Embrace: 1292
Country of Origin: Republic of Genoa
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Invictus
Bloodline: Spina
Titles:Marquise Alexander Cristos Of Verona, Consigliere of The House of the Rose and the Cross, Primogen of the First Estate within D.C.
City Status: 1
Clan Status: 1
Covenant Status: 3
Mortal Siblings/Siblings through Embrace: Jeremiah Cristos (Deceased), Julia Cristos (Deceased)
Cousin through Embrace: Crinstina LaFae II
Sire: Stiger LaFae (Deceased)
Uncles and Aunt through embrace: Isaac Cristos (Deceased), Kimberly LaFae (Deceased), Jacob Cristos (Deceased, Sire of Cristina LaFae II)
Grand Sire: Isabel LaFae
Great Grand Sire: Marcus Cristos II (Deceased)
Great Grand Sire's Twin Brother through blood/embrace: Domenic Cristos II
G.G. Grand Sire: Samuel Cristos (Deceased)
G.G.G. Grand Sire: Gabriel Cristos (Deceased)
G.G.G.G. Grand Sire: Domenic Cristos
Domenic Cristos' Siblings: Maria Cristos (Deceased), Cristina LaFae (Deceased)
G.G.G.G.G. Grand Sire: Marcus Cristos (Deceased)
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