Name: Alpha

Player: Buddah

Aliases: Too many to count

Date of Birth:[Date of actual birth]

Date of Embrace:[Date of Actual Embrace]

Country of Origin: [Original Country Born in]

Clan: Gangrel

Covenant: Ordo Dracul

Bloodline: Tzimice

Notable Features: His features are always changing, No one really knows why but there is something different every time you see him. BP 2

Titles: [if your character has any NOTE: please specify what type of title i.e invictus, city, ordo etc. etc. etc.]
City Status: Acknowledged
Clan Status: 1

Covenant Status: 1

Lineage: He will tell you straight out that his sire is dead and never plans on siring childer

Historical Timeline: Still working on the actual background, but Alpha spent a lot of time recently in Mexico

Background Information: To come soon

Other Notes: [Anything else not covered above]