Name: Duke Antony Villanova
Player: Corey
Aliases: Duke Villanova
Date of Birth: 1273
Date of Embrace: 1305
Country of Origin: Italy
Clan: Mehket
Covenant: Invictus
Bloodline: Khabit
Notable Features: BP3 shadow always looks to be larger then normal.

Titles: Duke of Milan Second Duke of Verona Lord of The house of rose and cross Lord Defender of Verona
City Status: 1
Clan Status: 2
Covenant Status: 3 here 5 in Italy

Lineage: Sire, Earl Philip Castel of Lyon Advocate of southern France Judex of the first estate
Child Earl, Jonathan Clark Advisor, Advocate, Amicus Curiae, Au Pair, Councilor, Judex, Librettist, Notary Cruentas, Senator, Soldier, Speaker, Steward, Technologist of the first estate
Child _ Villanova Knight of the Order of thorned Wreath, Reeve of Milan.
Grand Child, Lady, Dame Cassie Clark of DC, Advocate, Commissioner, Councilor, Persuivant, Senator, Solider, Steward of the first estate
2 Other Grand Children for others to play

  • Historical Timeline:
  • Born Rome 1273
  • Embraced 1305 in Rome child of Philip Castel
  • Saved The life of a Old Mekhet and later to be know Khabit Rhakar who was set up to look like a diablerist he willingly gave me a life boon because of the personal damage and face i lost due to saving him.
  • Met Alexander Cristos in Verona in 1350 fast became friends
  • Established a Coterie with Alexander in 1475 because of the Shadow war in Verona Between Two Invictus Houses
  • 1551 Became Prince of Verona after ending the Shadow war Decried by the Former Prince Stiger Cristos
  • 1580 Personally Invaded Milan and took the city from the Unaligned Making Milan a city of the first estate and Gaining the Title Duke
  • 1582 Embraced a Knight Templar by the name of who i trained and was later inducted into the Order of the Thorned Wreath some 50 years later.
  • 1607 Cristina Cristos fellow Coterie memeber Betrayed Myself and Alexander. We lost Verona to her and her Unaligned army during the siege she
    murded my wife Julia who is Alexanders sister. In a fit of rage i asked Rhakar with his blood to make me Khabit and his life boon would be paid he said he already considered me a brother and that i had no choice in taking away the life boon he would serve me as long as he lived.
  • 1611 Retook Verona from the Traitor Cristina i was awarded with the title Second Duke of Verona
  • 1629 Embraced Jonathan Clark he had much Promise even though his mental state was quite unstable at times
    1670 Jonathan was released and moved to the Northern England to help Establish a stronger Invictus foothold there.
    1753 Passed along the cities to members of my of my house and myself and Rhakar went into the long sleep
    1906 Awoke and trying putting the missing pages of my memory back together
    1957 Traveled to the United States to meet with the Grand Childer i found out about.
    1975 to 2011 Traveled Europe in search of old pieces of art i had collected that were now lost. Decided to pay my Grand Child a visit in DC

Background Information:[
1753 The Rain is pouring out side my window while I try to finish this simple Diary of my unlife. Trying to remember everything that happened over the last almost 500 years is a stretch. I have feared this moment for a long time and no matter how much Rhakar has tried to help I just can't shake his terror I feel. I am afraid of the sleep more so then the beast I battle everyday but at other times though I almost welcome it. I have felt nothing besides rage these last 200 hundred years and maybe that is why everything is so stable in Milan and Verona now. Alexander helps but he is also a reminder of what I have lost. What I have wished was never true. He is too like his sister and I miss her so. She was my requiem my passion my life and hope.

Julia maybe I will see you again during this long sleep and hopefully my Dreams will carry me to you.

We are damned we are the monsters of the night the leaches of this world but in 1551 I didn't feel that way. Myself Alexander Julia and Cristina had finally won. The war between our houses was over and my sire the traitor that he was ashes were put before my feet. Stiger has decided that I should be the new face of this city and we can now focus on securing Verona and stop those mindless Unaligned from Entering our domain.

Julia and I are married now strange as it may be. I had never wed in my mortal life but I also never felt so in love . Daeva and there passions have infected me in a way I guess. Though I am dead I feel alive and Every moment I spend with her is a moment in the sun. We let our passions get the best of us sometimes much to the pain of poor Alexander.

I live! finally I live my heart beats my blood flows and I breath the sweet smell of her hair

1583 Milan is now under my Regency. The war was long and almost unending. I lost to0 many good friends, soldiers and family to really feel that it was a great victory. The final siege was brutal I took to the battle field myself and Alexander led the charge right into the heart of the battle. We won the day and with this step finally we will have peace.

The Invictus rewarded me with the title of Duke for finally taking Milan and securing it under the first estate. Shortly after I Embraced my first child he was a very helpful soldier on the battlefield. His skill at leading men and with the blade were almost as good as mine. He was meant to lead and he shall after I teach him to guard himself his kin and his estate.

Once everything gets worked out here finally i might be able to have some rest with Julia. Her embrace is something I have longed for. A single night without her at my side feels like a decade and I simply plan to spend the next year just dancing under the moon.

Her Dress Flowed like a lone Rose on the marble floor

1607 I am no longer the man I was. Maybe this was a lesson I needed Years ago because I haven't been a man for 300 years anyways. I finally thought that this bloody endless war was over but just like back in the 1560's when the unaligned struck back I was proven wrong. War never ends it just halts for a time. My Julia was taken away from me destroyed in the Coup that was executed by my coatiery mate Cristina. This endless war has been her work this entire time. She was working with my sire and had him be the martyr.

Verona has fallen again and I will take it back for all I have now is my hatred and anger. The passion and life I once had are gone. I Begged Rhakar to make me kin of his Shadowy bloodline that the life boon he gave to me was over if he would just do this. I needed his power to have my revenge. He simply gave it to me saying I was his already his brother and that his serves to me was not mine to choose when it ended but his.

The Rivers of Verona will run red with the blood I traitors I swear.

1724 I have my damned peace but no Julia. The Traitors have long sense been dealt with even though Cristina got away. Alexander try’s to help me I just don’t care anymore. I am like a blacksmiths hammer now. Just simply do the same thing every night it never ends same court same dead same worthless dance.

My Second child Clark has been doing well in England I would say he was making me proud if I cared anymore. I wish him best but maybe I just need to pass on my Crown and sleep. I have walked this world for to long sleep sounds good but it also scares me at the same time. How many more nights will I keep this up. How much longer will I dance.

Maybe I should just Dance in the Sun.

1753 The Rain is pouring out side my window while I try to finish this simple Diary of my unlife.

Tonight will be my last night awake. Rhakar decided to join me in my slumber. We have everything set up kindred to watch over our torpor. These last nights the fear has went away and I have simply accepted was is to come. This Long dance will have to wait a while for me to return when that time comes though and I awake seeing the new world might sound like a good idea.

A new world a new Dance a new Requiem

1954 Oh now I know what a new born child feels like. Remembering how to do simple things is hard when you have slept for 200 years. Though Alexander and I have already meet up after waking. Rhakar has been awake for about 50 years already so once again he is proving to be the best teacher I have had.

When looking thought my Journal it feels odd. It almost feels like it was someone else but I still know deep down that it was me. There are a few parts still missing and maybe I am just being paranoid. I try to look over my past belongings to make sense of this hole in my memory but I just can't find anything anywhere. This name in my head just keeps ringing over and over. Taunting me like I know it yet I don't . Who was this Person? Are They alive , long dead, a enemy, a friend I just don’t' know. Alexander doesn't recall much he has been awake for long ether.

I just can't seem to recall who this Julia was and why she was important.

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