Player: Corey Strid

Name: Marius Crassus

Concept: A politician,scholar and a priest who wishes to rise once again to his former glory.

Embraced: Madrid in 1592

Clan Ventrue

Covenant Lancea Sanctum

Age - from birth to embrace 40. Unlife 421

Appearance A dark skinned man with shoulder length hair a long coat and only one eye. He Carries himself with a sense of purpose and drive and tends to walk through as if he is looking at everything around him but without a single glance.

Sire Antony Crassus
Childer: Milandre Crassus

Country of Origin Spain

Historical Timeline
  • Embraced in Madrid Spain 1592. He stayed there while he completed his training under his sire for the next 15 years. Upon which he joined the Sanctified.

  • Moved to Malaga in 1614 were he became a understudy to Bishop Alfonzo Christopher. He rose in the ranks of the Sanctified and by 1702 was made a bishop.

  • 1791 Traveled across the ocean to the United States to help guide the new flocks in this wild land.

  • 1792 to 1834 With a brief stop in New York then made his way south to his new home in Charleston South Carolina were he was able to establish a strong Sanctified presence in the domain.

  • 1834 to 2013 Traveled to Mobile Alabama Were he was able to quickly take praxsis of the domain and the was promoted to arch bishop. He held the domain for 72 years when through slander and betrayal lost the city and was Punish by the Sanctified which saw him lowered in status and forced to owe 3 major boons to the new prince David Hutton. They let him call himself Arch Bishop as a slander and reminder to what he lost but soon after his punishment he went into torpor for 50 years then rose to help fulfill the boons owed to the new prince of the domain.

  • 2013 Traveled to Crucible Montana