Name: [include your name]

Aliases: [What your character is known by, has been known by or goes by currently]

Date of Birth:[Date of actual birth]

Date of Embrace:[Date of Actual Embrace]

Country of Origin: [Original Country Born in]

Clan:[ What clan your character is]

Covenant:[ What Covenant your character is]

Bloodline: [Bloodline if any]

Notable Features: [Anything that the other characters may notice about you physical features, supernatural feelings, Blood Potency may be put here if you don't hide it]

Titles: [if your character has any NOTE: please specify what type of title i.e invictus, city, ordo etc. etc. etc.]
City Status: [Please put the name and level]
Clan Status:
Covenant Status:

Lineage: [ Who your childer and sire, grand sire, great grand sire is.]

Historical Timeline: [please format this in bullets date and specific places your character has visited along with what happened there]

Background Information: [ Your background]

Other Notes: [Anything else not covered above]