external image LouisianaBayou25.jpgThe Mire of the Dancing Lights controlled by:


Current Feeding Condition:

+0 to Kindred BP 3 or higher
+2 to Kindred BP 2 or lower or who have Coil of Blood: Blood of Beasts


Lost and hidden away deep within the bayou is a collection of run down bars and hideaways where only the crazy brave, or completely insane dare to travel. Miles away from the nearest form of civilization, police station or even functional pluming, the Bayou Bar has stood as an effigy of the rebellious nature of the south since the days before the civil war.
For years vagabonds and undesirables from all areas of the south have come here to spin tales, make deals, pick fights and settle feuds in true rebel fashion. The only semblance of law is the old universal strength, only the strong survive, and the weak will be culled by those to the strength to do so. The only similar society can be closely compared to jailhouse rules, with of course the added luxury of not having to worry about officers and cells.

Mechanical Notes:
  • This is an excellent place for use of underworld, crime and gangland crime. It is ripe with criminals who have served time or are currently running from the law. Characters who resemble authority figures or who lack Status or backing within an established criminal organization may find that their PC's will come under attack. Players are highly advised to only come to this location either by invite or through established reputation.
  • Please reference The Bayou for additional information on this location.

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