Theme: Brave New World

Mood: Rebirth, Struggle, Survival, Loyalty

Setting: Crucible, Montana

The city of Crucible exists in the middle of Midwest’s wilderness hundreds of miles from any other domain of notable size. Originally a coal town, the city of Crucible grew to a massive size during the mid 20th century as a major automobile and textile manufacturer. A modern day boom town the town swelled to metropolitan size during that period. However when the industry began to flag the business left and created a vacuum in the local economy. This in turn cause many to either leave in search of better jobs or to turn to other less prestigious of legal means of acquiring income. The city of Crucible as such has been a burned out shell of its former glory for the latter half of the 20th century until recently. New technologies have enabled people to discover deposits of oil and natural gas in the United States. One of the largest existing in Midwest. This has led a number of oil and natural gas provider’s to begin to move into the area, once again creating a boom in population and household income.

In the shadows of the night though this has created opportunity however. After the fall of the city’s economy a revolution within the kindred courts of the city’s population dispossessed many of its inhabitants. The Consilium, a council of five vampiric covenants bound together since the dawn of the United States, for many years had considered the domain of importance for expansion east, into the West Coast domains that remained under contention. The collapse of their court within the domain created a chaos as districts within the city were divided up amongst the warring factions. Since those times the Consilium has done nothing to retake the city.

In these modern nights however the Consilium is embroiled in a war. The West coast is still unconquered territory, with domains contested between themselves and another empire from Asia. Up until this point Crucible has been ignored because how isolated it has been. As Crucible sits on a gateway to the west coast and with the resurgence in its population and economy, the Consilium has decided that they can no longer ignore the anarchistic domain.