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South America
Middle East

Dark City (East Coast)
  • 2012
    • Miss Elizabeth arrives in Dark City and quickly rises in politics, becoming both Pricus of the Daeva and Herald.
    • La Nena arrives in DC, stays one night and leaves.

Night City (South)
  • 1835
    • Feud between the Brotovich and Zantosa family's of the area begins, and threatens to destabilize the area
  • 1842
    • Cletus Beucefus "Kooter" Brotovich is born
  • 1853
    • The feud between the Brotovich and Zantosa reaches a boiling point and open warfare between the two families is happening in the city streets
  • 1874
    • Government agencies and police forces come in to put an end to the feud between both families, this results in the arrest of over 15 members of the Zantosa family and only 5 of the Brotovich family. This causes many in the city to suspect bribery or extortion being used on the arresting agencies
  • 1878
    • Graves is shot down in the Mire of Night City
  • 1937
    • Prince Maximus takes the title of Praxis and outlaws the Carthian Movement.
  • 1969
    • Kooter is embraced by a Drugar, and much to the surprise of many does not turn into a Drugar.
  • 1972
    • Z is born
  • 1986
    • Z is taken in by Rason
  • 1996
    • Z is embraced by Rason
  • 2002
    • A group of Haitians raise the dead in the Leper Colony, causing a panic. The outbreak was put down by the Carthian Movement which included Z and his sire Rason.
    • DracoLues Vrajastesetor enters Night City, intermittently coming and going.
  • 2005
  • 2008
    • The remains of the slave ship Hope's Crossing located in the Gulf of Mexico near Night City.
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
    • Randall "Bear" Johnson Arrives in Night City
    • Dr. Davis Jones Travels to Night City to help with the disaster relief from hurricane Maria, buys an Estate with plans to turn it into a walk in hospital clinic for under privileged families and the homeless.
    • Regent Council is founded with the Prince's blessing.
    • Prince Maximus is slain by Carthain Movement and Walter (Sheriff) in self defense.Justin Kelso is awakes from his damage torpor caused by the storm.
    • Ripper is sent from the Black Diamond Domain to Night City to serve as a Bodyguard for Nexus and to protect Circle interests within the city.

  • 1802
    • Ripper serves the Hirophant as a bodyguard

Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1911
    • Nexus attends Harvard University
    • Davis Jones attends a lecture at Harvard University about the newly formed Medical Practice act of June 3, 1911.





New York

  • 1905
  • 1939
    • Nexus meets a man named Marcus that talks about the war being about intolerance and that change is coming, the Carthian Movement is gaining force.
  • 1963
    • Davis Jones after eight years of mentor ship from Marcus, listens to the speech by Dr. King in Washington D.C. One month later, he joins the Carthian Movement because of alleged racial bias within the Invictus.

South Carolina
  • 1860
    • December - South Carolina secedes from the union. Start of the Civil War.

South Dakota
  • 1890
    • Nexus born during Wounded Knee Massacre
  • 1945
    • Nexus speaks to Kiara's guide. Kiara and her entire exploration party vanish.



  • 1844
    • Graves is born, Richmond, Virginia
  • 1861
    • Travis Rock fights in nearly all the major battles of the civil war that takes place in Virginia. except for the battle of Gettysburg
  • 1863
    • July - Battle of Gettysburg.
    • Graves is wounded at Battle of Gettysburg.
  • 1865
    • April - General Lee surrenders. End of the Civil War.




  • 1846
  • 1875
    • Ripper is is a bodyguard for a High Priestess of Mexico City.
  • 1880
    • Ripper is sent to La Casa del Diamante Negro Domain and serves as the Hound of that domain for over 100 years.
  • 1921
    • Nexus heads Archaeological digs in Mexico
  • 1926
    • Randall "Bear" Johnson made Sheriff of the La Casa del Diamante Negro Domain (House of the Black Diamond)
    • Nexus embraced by Uriel and introduced into the La Casa del Diamante Negro Domain
  • 1935
    • Nexus leaves Mexico after being release from his sire, Uriel.
  • 1959
    • La Nena arrives in Veracruz, Mexico. Later that year, she meets the kindred court of the city of Veracruz Cesar, Eloy and Catarina.
  • 1969
    • La Nena leaves Veracruz, Mexico to Dallas, Texas.
  • 2006
    • Randall "Bear" Johnson patrols the US/Mexico border as a member of the Brides of Dracula Motorcycle Club until 2007

  • 1813
    • Travis Rock is fatally injured but is embraced by a British Ventrue Commander.

South America
  • 1914
    • Nexus awoke something in the Amazon jungles
  • 1989

  • 1978
    • La Nena visits Guyana
    • Rumors abound of "wolfmen" among the locals.
    • Jonestown Massacre
    • La Nena leaves Guyana



  • 1775
  • 1803
    • Davis Jones embraced by Samuel a Mekhet Invictus, who is then allegedly executed for crimes against the prince of Haiti.
  • 1803
    • Davis Jones travels to nearby islands, falling into despair he pursues the path of The Loa, until he finally leaves the Caribbean in 1819
  • 1969
    • La Nena arrives in Haiti, stays until 1974
  • 2010
    • Davis Jones returns home to provide medical attention to kindred and kine in need.

  • 1974
    • La Nena arrives in Jamaica. leaves in 1978

Puerto Rico
  • 1930
  • 1951
    • La Nena and family relocate to Cuba under scrutiny from the CIA and FBI of family's activities with Puerto Rico's "Independistas."


Great Britain

  • 1636
    • DracoLues and three other attempt a failed assassination of a kindred.
  • 1819
    • Davis Jones joins Invictus, tutored by local french Invictus
  • 1837
    • Caine born in Noce', France
  • 1908
    • Nexus is traveling abroad in Europe, he speaks in a french café.
    • Davis Jones after traveling abroad, joins his Invictus mentor for a time, speaking about his hopes for the future, being shunned for the evening because of his mentor's important business with the Invictus, Davis decides to go out and see the town and happens upon a cafe.
  • 1918
    • Travis Rock arrives in France to fight for the allies in World War I
  • 1938
    • Randall "Bear" Johnson travels to Marseilles, France, eventually fighting occupying Nazi forces until 1946
    • Davis Jones once again returning to his mentor's home, joins him in Marseilles where he attends a secret kindred gathering while the war rages outside.
  • 1944
    • Travis Rock participates in the Normandy Landings on D-Day as a paratrooper.

  • Caine brought to Milan and began training as a Lucifuge.

  • 1872
    • Thirty-two Kindred are invited to a convention in Kavala. The invitations do not explain who sent them, they only contain a date and location as well as the topic to be discussed, "What are we?" Six individuals from each covenant and eight unaligned were invited attended the meeting which lasted three weeks. What was said at the meeting and the identity of the organizer was never revealed. All thirty-eight kindred returned to their homes, grabbed what they valued and disappeared.



  • 2005
    • Noah Christian arrives in Japan and begins training and studying in Akita.
  • 2011
    • Davis Jones travels to Japan to help with disaster relief from the tsunami.
  • 1908
    • Unknown force levels a forest in Tunguska
  • 2006 - Dr. Davis Jones travels to Indonesia to help with the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami that followed.


  • 1898
    • Travis Rock fights Emilio Aguinaldo after the US wins the Philippines


Middle East

  • 1948
    • Travis Rock participates in covert action against the Russians.
  • 2001
    • Noah Christian and Drake Peters arrive as U.S. soldiers.
    • Travis Rock enters the US and Coalition forces in the Invasion of Afghanistan as a US Marine
  • 2002
    • Randall "Bear" Johnson travels to Kabul and Tora Bora, Afghanistan to assist US and Coalition forces operating in the area
  • 2005
    • Noah Christian works with a group of Kindred to evacuate a village from a heavy combat area. It takes six days to move the civilians out of danger. He is injured in the ordeal by a vampire not of the original group.

  • 2005
    • Travis Rock is transferred to an Army in Iraq and participates in the fighting there for 3 years.


  • 1805:
    • Travis Rock participates in the Battle of Derna in the first Barbery War.
  • 1952
    • Nexus enters Egypt to study the valley of the dead and search for kindred sites.
  • 1665
    • Nexus stumbles across a group of mage explorers searching for the same tomb.