Rules Changes Guidelines
Guideline for changing rules
- Bring the matter to the attention of a ST via private message or conversation.
-Give the STs a detailed message as to why the issue is a problem, what changes to you propose? Why do you suggest those changes?
-The ST posts the issue, changes, reasons to Facebook and Wiki
-At any point in time the ST can veto a given change (given reasons)
-Discussion for 2 weeks, preferably over private messages or conversations.
-Anonymous vote to have the change beta tested.

Minimum criteria for a change in rules.
-The rule is harmful to Roleplay.

Beta Test and Implementation
-ST veto?
-Playtest Session / Beta Test (by groups of players) (2 weeks minimum.
-Post Findings (numbers, statistics, character sheets used in the Playtest, notes ect.)
-Any character affected by rules changes may be given a re-write.
-Probationary Period, in case the Playtesting Sessions missed something.

Ongoing Projects
Below are a number of items that still need pages created please send submissions to for approval before adding content.

As we have reset the setting there are quite a few projects that are up for grabs. There is a new page linked here. Please use this as a dumping ground for idea's. Please make sure to follow the guidelines listed on the page when editing it.

Night City History Project: The accumalated history of the city. This is primarily mortal or mundane history. Please check with the ST staff for guidelines.

City Locations: Mostly locations in and around the city. Please do not make these character specific.

Timeline of the Sangreal Larp In-character Universe: The idea here is to have a accumalated timeline of events that have transpired in-game as well as points of historical interest drawn from player backgrounds. This is primarily intended for character ties as well as helping to pull together the continuity of the narrative. Please add only content from approved backgrounds. Keep content listed under the appropriate heading.

Prominent Kine: Some idea's as to what types of mortals would be influential in Night City.

Incomplete Kindred of the City Wiki's

Current Suggestions for Rules Changes
Guidelines for Rules Suggestions (please read before submitting content)

Staking Challenges (submitted 10/19/12/Vote Date 11/2/12)
Reason for change: The rules as they are still create a one shot kill which is in and of itself a negative play experience for the target of the staking. While staking is a theme of the game and should be preserved the staking rules proposal below was designed with the intention of making staking a viable tactic with out turning it into a one shot. By delaying the effect and imposing a "debuff" to the target of the staking, the rule remains viable and is still preferable.

The Proposal: "Any character attempting to stake another character may do so by having a -3 modifier and performing at least three points of lethal damage. Once the staking test is successful the target bieng staked and has all test pools capped by their humanity. At the end of the following turn the character enters torpor as per normal staking rules. The character that is performing the staking challenge may hold on to the stake in an attempt to prevent the target from pulling the stake out, but must announce that he is doing so before he performs the test. If he chooses to keep a hold on the stake, he is considered to have initiated a successful grappling test."

Humanity (Currently in play test