Sangreal LARP Rules and Documents
This page is where you can find links to all of the rules and relevant documents you will need to play in the Sangreal LARP troupe..

  • Sangreal LARP Introduction Letter (external link): This document is a good point of reference for players interested in or who are newly-joined members of the Sangreal LARP roleplaying group.

  • Fighting Styles Google Document (external link): This is a work in progress document for the troupes Fighting Style Merits modified for Live Action Roleplay.

  • Background Questions: Questions that you can fill out to write your character background and help expand the world

  • Character Wiki Template: Copy and paste the basic information from this template into a new wiki page created for your character. You can also choose to auto-fill this template into a wikispaces page when you make a new page (it is in a dropdown menu). If you are not familiar with how to use wikispaces, ask a storyteller to help you out!

  • Brave New World XP Log Google Document (external link). You MUST make a personal copy of this Google document and share it with so that you can update this document frequently (and never lose it) but we as storytellers can also do XP audits (specifically, comparing the XP we think you should have versus what you have on your log).