The Sangreal Live Action Roleplaying Troupe

In the darkest places of our world, somewhere amidst the sin and greed of human kind, lies the unknown. Here, creatures dwell...hiding behind masks and shadows. Hungering for blood and fighting wars of silence over the blood of the innocent. Intrigues rule these nights as these creatures cling to the memory of their once long lost humanity or delve into the beast within. Eternally hungering, these kindred of the night share their stories of their never-ending Dance Macabre.
Welcome to these nights childer, hope you survive long enough to tell about it...

We are an independent Live Action Troupe dedicated to playing White Wolf's World of Darkness products. We play Vampire: the Requiem.
Live Action Roleplaying or LARP is a type of roleplaying game that, instead of playing around a table or similar conditions, the players dress up and assume the role of the characters and act them out. This "acting" is strictly improv and meant to involve the players in a deeper, more immersible sort of role play. For that reason, LARP games tend to be larger than the 4-6 players that you would typically see in a table top. Instead, LARP games tend to have about 10 to 20+ players. The bigger the game, the more involved your character becomes with the "world" around him or her.
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